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Mangrove Forest and Monkey Watching Tour

Enjoy the fascinating Mangroves of Damas Island on this relaxing boat tour. This is without a doubt one of the most highly recommended tours in the area. This relaxing half-day tour begins just offshore of the Damas Island estuary, about 8 miles south of Manuel Antonio city. You will be picked up at the hotel by your guide and driven to the Island estuary where is the dock. Depending on the time of departure, lunch can be served either before or after the tour. For your meal, you are given choices featuring seafood dishes, including fresh fish as well as beef and chicken entrees. Also, we have options for vegetarians and vegans.

After you leave the launch on your partially covered motorboat, you will glide along the fascinating canals of the estuary where your guide will provide comprehensive information about the complex, self-sustaining mangrove system, including the various types of mangroves found in Costa Rica. Before you know it, the boat will be brought to a stop as your guide spots something special for you to see. He may have spotted a rare silky anteater lounging in a tree, a two or three-toed sloth maintaining its image as one of the world´s laziest mammals, or a stunning iguana or two. This tranquil, fascinating tour will certainly be one of the highlights of your stay in Manuel Antonio.

Lenght: 4 to 5 hours approx. Requirements: None. Great for all ages. Includes: Bilingual & Certified Guides, Round trip transportation, breakfast, Lunch or dinner depending on the schedule. What to Bring: Camera, binoculars, hat, sunscreen and insect repellent. Price: Please contact us for pricing information at:

Ask for the Night Mangove boat Tour, Now Available.